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The Leading Provider of Integrated Training Services with A Strong Track Record in Africa The Rapid Results College, founded in 1928, began operating in Zimbabwe as an agency in 1956 and as a branch office in 1964. The aims and objectives of the College are to provide affordable tuition by distance learning, e learning and blended learning, and all courses lead to public examinations. The College offers its own diplomas on a number of vocational courses.

As the leading self-study distance Education College in Southern Africa, The Rapid Results College caters for students in virtually every community centre in the region. Courses range from Private Investigator and Security Guard Training to National Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and Higher National Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health courses recognised as equivalent to University Honours level. New developments are being made in electronic communication of distance learning material of the RRC.

Our Commitment

When you enrol for a course through RRC, we know you are serious about your studies and your future! That's why the staff at RRC have been specifically trained to help you with your career course. Any queries about course material, study methods or assignment preparation will be quickly and effectively dealt with by our friendly professionals right here in Zimbabwe.

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When you register by clicking the REGISTER NOW! Button and PAY ONLINE you can proceed and DOWNLOAD your course MODULE. This prompt and efficient service sees that you DOWNLOAD your course material as and when you are ready for it, assignments are returned to you with the minimum of delay and any queries are dealt with in an efficient and friendly way.


To guarantee that you receive the latest information during your studies and that your qualification will be recognised worldwide. Continuous revision keeps them alive, up-to-date and of value even as works of reference after you have passed the examination these courses are constantly updated and revised. Any new material necessary as a result of changed circumstances or new legislation is sent to you automatically.

Effective Study Material

The cornerstone of RRC's distance learning programme is its course material. Each course is a self-contained package - no extra textbooks are needed, though we recommend you read professional journals to keep abreast of current events. The material is arranged logically in step-by-step progression, which helps the learning process.

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